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Weblogic JMS queue Monitoring

Question asked by Jaykrishna on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by Hallett_German

Hi Team,

Now we are able see all the JMS queues after enabling the JMX in one profile.(In Weblogic 11g)

Below find two issues which we have encountered after enabling JMX. I have enabled JMX by uncommenting the below lines in .profile file.


1.We have one Agent but 4 profiles (one profile each for one managed server) in the Weblogic Server.I have enabled JMX in one profile but it got enabled for all the 4 profiles.Can you please let me know,what i have to do so that JMX will be enabled for only one managed server.

2.After enabling the JMX, now we are able to see all the JMS queues (Mbeans) but customer wants to monitor only two queues.I have tried to filer the Mbeans by adding the below mentioned lines in .profile file but it not working. Also to my surprise all the filters mentioned in PPWebLogicJMXFilterString.txt can be seen in the .profile file after enabling JMX though i have not added it manually in the .profile file.So will you kindly let me know how to achieve it and what exact filter expression i have to add. Also attaching one of the profile file and PPWebLogicJMXFilterString.txt for your reference.*SuperDomain*|l1274|WebLogic|Techmahindra-ACC-FMW_ZEUS-Weblogic-WLS1_SOA|JMX|com.bea|JMSServerRuntime=LOGO*

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