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Is there a way to programmatically activate a monitor ?

Question asked by smveloso on Sep 12, 2017
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  I have created a probe using the Java SDK 2.5.0. 


  In my scenario, a deployed probe should always have a default profile. To have the profile "auto-created", I edited the ".cfx" file in the probe´s maven project to declare it (under "resources"). It works.


  This default profile, by its turn, should have some elements. Which elements depend on the environment and are created by the probe itself (class ProbeMain, method "getUpdatedInventory(...)"). It also works just fine.


  However, I could not find a way for the probe to activate the monitors associated with each element. They must be enabled manually (through AC or IM, option "publish data") or using the "pu" utility. I would like to have the probe decide on its own whether or not a specific qos data should be published.


  Is it possible ?  If not, is it by desgn (as I suspect) ?


  I am new to UIM so any input would be welcomed.