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CA SSO : WAMUI Related Queries

Question asked by Dhi1ip on Sep 12, 2017
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I have changed password of the account which is used to connect to policy store. I have updated the credentials in smconsole and restarted the policy server. Webagent and policy server is working fine. But, while starting the WAMUI, SiteMinder environment is not getting started and I could see 'Invalid Credentials' error message in the logs.


If I revert the changes to old password, I am not getting any error while starting WAMUI.


1) Can someone please let me know if I need to update password in any other place as well? How WAMUI will know the policy store credentials? Where will it store these credentials?


2) If I add more than one policy server connection to the existing WAMUI, how handshake will happen between WAMUI and additional policy server as the file generated by XPSRegClient is getting removed automatically after the registration in WAMUI? I could see Trusted Host object and Admin object is getting created in Policy Store. But, in which file, shared secret details will be saved in the policy server side? Would be better if someone can explain this flow in detail.