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How to set/replace the SSL certificate of the API Gateway?

Question asked by ygirouard_stm on Sep 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by Mark_HE

I'm a bit confused with how the API Gateway knows which SSL certificate to use when serving SSL content (i.e. for the web based version of the Policy Manager). I'm used with web servers such as Apache and Nginx where you need to provide both the private key and the certificate to the server. As far as I can tell in the API Gateway, you only need to specify a private key (in the listen ports's SSL settings)? Where does it get the certificate from?


I need to make sure the API Gateway is serving SSL content using a certificate that was signed by our internal CA. I'm not sure what I need to do exactly to change the self-signed one we have now, and I'm a bit lost with which doc I need to read for that. There doesn't seem to be one that explains exactly how to do this from a to z.


Could anyone help?


We're using CA API Gateway 9.1