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PDM_IF , PDM_ELSE are not parsing

Question asked by CodeGeek on Sep 14, 2017
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CA Service Desk is upgraded to V 17 from v 12.9,  for analyst roles the the application is showing the below error


AHD04407:CA Service Desk Manager html generation error. Could not find or process 'detail_cr_edit.htmpl'. AHD04702:PDM_ELIF at detail_cr.htmpl[17] not in PDM_IF or PDM_ELIF

the code related the error is 


<PDM_IF "$args.type" == "I">
<PDM_INCLUDE FILE=detail_in.htmpl>
<PDM_ELIF "$args.type" == "P">
<PDM_INCLUDE FILE=detail_pr.htmpl>


below are  log entries.


09/13 16:46:51.33 web:local 9588 TRACE i18nMsg.c 588 Arg[0] = detail_cr.htmpl[17]
09/13 16:46:51.35 web:local 9588 ERROR session.c 16385
09/13 16:46:51.36 web:local 9588 ERROR session.c 13738 Bad format for html file
09/13 16:46:51.37 web:local 9588 VERBOSE parse.c 1451 Created null buffer 0x0B0E6578 for HTPML format error

Compared the bopcfg detail_cr.htmpl file with site file there isn't much difference , but not sure why the html parsing error is shown , is this a known error? 


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