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How to get value of property value {{}}  in Response meta data

Question asked by Shivam.garg on Sep 14, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by Shivam.garg

Hello Kevin,


Again need your urgent help. I am getting one scenario in which we have to send two responses to two different queues. I am using response meta data. here reply to qmanager coming from request header. We are using {{}}  this ins respond step but it is value is not getting understood by Lisa when we are doing disregardReplyto = true and due to we are getting MQ exception. But when we are making this disregardReplyto  = false then we are getting both responses to same queue.


It killed our full day as we tried each and every thing. Please assist us how we can set rely to queuemanager or reply to queue coming in request header in meta data properties.


Please assist.



Shivam Garg