Problem with EPAgent

Discussion created by FelixSutarelli on Sep 15, 2017
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Hi guys,


i like to know if anyone can help me...


I need to monitor the connections in time_wait, close_wait and established of my server,
I am creating a perl script to make this collection, but I always get this error,
I wonder if anyone has already gone through this?


Perl script:


use FindBin;
use lib ("$FindBin::Bin", "$FindBin::Bin/lib/perl", "$FindBin::Bin/../lib/perl");
use Wily::PrintMetric;


my $fileSystemConn5Command1 = `netstat -ano |find /C "CLOSE_WAIT"`;
      Wily::PrintMetric::printMetric( type        => 'IntCounter',
                                      resource    => 'fileSystemConn5',
                                      name        => 'conexoes_em_close_wait',
                                      value       => $fileSystemConn5Command1,



9/15/17 11:21:50 AM BRT [ERROR] [EPAgent.EPAgent CONNECTION_CLOSE_WAIT] Error starting plugin process: Cannot run program "c:/program files/CA APM/epagent/epaplugins/windows/Connection_close_wait.pl": CreateProcess error=193, %1 is not a valid Win32 application