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How to configure SDM offline reporting?

Question asked by Albino on Sep 15, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2017 by Albino

I need support to configure CABI (BOXI) with CA SDM offline server. I'm rebuilding this structure due to settings probs, then the SDM prod and BOXI were already installed.


Environment description:
1 SDM background
1 SDM standby
3 SDM application server
1 SDM offline reporting
1 BOXI server
1 DB server
I'm using Windows Server 2012 at all servers and database SQL Server 2014.
SDM 14.1 cum2
CABI 4.1 SP3

I'm creating the reporting structure according with the procedures that I found:
- mdb offline was created by the mdb installation wizard
- sdm offline was installed and configured to start at OFFLINE_REPORTING procset
- the database replication type used is merge replication
- just the SDM specifc tables was check to be published, since I have the Service catalog installed at the same mdb on production environment
- the SDM configuration tables was not included in the publication, like as described on procedure



I have the following questions:
- After install SDM offline, how can I integrate it to a earlier CABI installation?
- What settings I need to do at SDM production servers to view the CABI documents at Report tab?
- Why i need to install mdb by a media, if during the creation of the database snapshot the objects with same name will be droped and re-created?