Schedule a Portfolio synchronisation through GEL / XOG

Discussion created by frean04 Employee on Sep 18, 2017
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We had to find a way, for a Swedish PPM client, to automatically synchronise a Portfolio through GEL, because once the synchronisation is done we had to launch a second process that would perform a few more actions.


That's when i learned that there's a very easy way to do that using the syncschedule_cron tag in a Portfolio XOG.


Using the format: syncschedule_cron = minute hour day month *




<NikuDataBus xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../xsd/nikuxog_pfm_portfolio.xsd">
<Header action="write" externalSource="NIKU" objectType="pfm_portfolio" version=""/>
<pfmPortfolio syncschedule_cron="00 12 18 09 *" code="PFM_000001" currency_code="EUR" name="My Portfolio">


This will synchronise this portfolio at 12:00 on 18th of september.


Hope that helps someone with the same problem




Anthony Freund