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How to disable CASDM Webservices and restrict few user to login into CA

Question asked by piyush_kum on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2017 by jmayer

Hi Guys,

Below I am putting user's requirement please suggest how to do that and one thing I want to mention that we don't have the vendor support with neither we have code access. Find below user's requirement.


We have switched to CASDM to ServiceNow tool. Now want we want is -


1- Currently, CA is using web service for user authentication but in below mail its mentioned that will be going to sunset soon.


2- When a users logs in to CA, then CA use the webservice on and get a response back. I want you to remove the use of this webservice in CA and create local accounts in CA for people that needs to login in. I have drawn a very simple image of this.
The address will soon be shutdown

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