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Custom app grid column config not working

Question asked by CCallas on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by CCallas

I was customizing the WSJF Grid app and ran into an issue where the column configuration is not being shown or preserved as expected.  I'd appreciate any suggestions about how to make the column customization work.


Here's a way to reproduce the issue:

gridConfig: {
store: store,
columnCfgs: [
that.TimeCriticalityField, that.RROEValueField,
{ dataIndex: that.JobSizeField, text: "Prelim Est", align: "center" },
this.getSetting("useExecutiveMandateField")===true ? this.getSetting("ExecutiveMandateField") : null,
text: "WSJF Score",
dataIndex: that.WSJFScoreField,
editor: null

  • Problems:
    1. Change does not take effect until delete app and replace it.  Replacing the source in the Custom HTML settings is not enough
    2. After refreshing a few times, the formatting disappears (but the custom column heading remains)


Thanks for any ideas!