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Question asked by bwcole on Sep 18, 2017
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We are installing 10.5.2 and currently working on the epagent.   In version 10.0, we had a very long discussion on how to defer the "" with an environment variable. use of Environment Variables 


Now in version 10.5.2 sp1, this has changed



How do I control the enterprise manager the agent connects to with an environment variable?


In 10.0, with the I had

      #Determine which MOM to use
      if [ -f "/syshome/wilyapm/config/caapm.conf" ]; then

      #caapm.conf contains [PROD | NON-PROD | TEST]

      #load environment value
      . /syshome/wilyapm/config/caapm.conf;

      if [ -z "$CAAPM_ENV" ]; then
      echo "{ERROR][] CAAPM_MOM NOT set! Please configure the appropriate MOM in       /syshome/wilyapm/config/wilymom.conf"
      exit 1;

      case "$CAAPM_ENV" in
      "PROD") CAAPM_MOM="<prod mom>"
      "NON-PROD") CAAPM_MOM="<nonprod mom>"
      "TEST") CAAPM_MOM="<test mom>"
      *) # default - if value is unknown
      echo "[ERROR][] CAAPM_ENV = $CAAPM_ENV. Value is unknown. Check the file."
      exit 1

      # the command to start the EPAgent
      EpaCmd="java -Xms${MIN_HEAP_VAL_IN_MB}m -Xmx${MAX_HEAP_VAL_IN_MB}m$CAAPM_MOM -cp lib/EPAgent.jar:lib/IntroscopeServices.jar:lib/Agent.jar:epaplugins/epaMQMonitor/epaMQMonitor.jar:epaplugins/epaMQMonitor:epaplugins/epaMQMonitor/lib/ $agentconfig com.wily.introscope.api.IntroscopeEPAgent"
      #echo $EpaCmd


So with the change in the configuration in 10.5.2 to the "agentManager.url.1=localhost:5001" what do I need to change?