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Getting Deployment (Deployment) Status runtime (Succeeded or Failed)?

Question asked by MV00503834 on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by DirkBleyenberg

I am trying to get deployment status from below API during Runtime.

POST http://<host>:< port>/datamanagement/a/api/<versionId>/release-status 


I added REST Operation API action at the end of Deployment Flow.

( I could able to pass application,release,environment and version and get the status reply as well).

and got reply from "Deployment" stage process flow below :


Problem is it results only "Running" State from this i could not conclude "releaseStatus" Whether Failed or Succeeded.


I tried giving the same in Post Deployment Step.

There also same problem as above.

Sample reply from "Post Deployment" stage is below :
{"id":"94","result":true,"description":"0% Running Post-Deployment","stage":"Post-Deployment","stageState":"Running","releaseStatus":"Active"}

How can I get the Deployment step Status once it completed ( Failed or Succeeded) during Runtime?