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Administrator Access to Invite Only Flows

Question asked by GabeBrady on Sep 19, 2017
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So a little issue:


In order to ensure a particular group of employees didn't have access to Flowdock we deleted those users. However we have been caught out by the fact that they were the only users in an invite only flow.

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Administrators can view a list of all flows in an organization, and can disable and delete flows. The contents of a flow will only be visible if the administrator is part of that flow. That means that administrators do not have access to contents of invite-only flows that they’re not a part of. Administrators do not have access to other peoples' 1-to-1 conversations. All users who have access to a flow can export that flow’s content from the organization’s Flows page, which can be found from their Account page.



Now no-one has access to this flow despite it appearing in the Flow list as all users who were in the flow have been deleted.


We have even tried re-creating the users account using the same email addresses however the recreated accounts are unable to access the original flows they had access to.



I might add that the users involved left the organisation on good terms and were more than willing to assist us, however it is impossible to recreate their accounts so they are unable to do this.



All parties concerned need to export the data from this Flow for legal reasons. There should be a super admin level who can access all data.

It looks like CA provides a solution to this problem it's enterprise products:


Flowdock Enterprise is here. Get it today. - The CA Flowdock Blog

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Can we backup our discussions and files from CA Flowdock?

All CA Flowdock company accounts have the possibility to export their data in a simple structured data format, including all uploaded files in their original condition. You can use this feature whenever you want to backup the data that is stored in CA Flowdock.

If you require a custom data retention plan or access to our security team, have a look at the CA Flowdock Enterprise plan.


I would be imagine the Security Team mentioned in the excerpt above are who we need to talk to to get the data out of these invite only flows.


How do we get in contact with them?