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Xtraction - SLA data on inactive tickets

Question asked by J_W on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by J_W

SDM 14.1.x (various customers)

Xtraction Version 2016.4.0111.01


I am having an issue with filtering lists that contain SLA fields when the tickets are inactive.  If I only use 'SLA Violation' or "SLA Violation (Yes/No)' it works, but when I try to add the SLA Event Name or SLA Event Status, it does not return the data.  This is needed to report on which SLA event a ticket violated even if it is closed, e.g., "All Priority 3 tickets which violated the 12 Hour Resolution SLA last month".


Steps to reproduce:


  1. Create a List dashboard from the Request data source.




  1. Add the following columns to the defaults:  SLA Violation (Yes/No), SLA Event Name, SLA Violation, SLA Event Status



  1. Check that there are no filters in place.



Select OK to run the report.


  1. Results:



  1. Change filter to:  Active = No




Select OK to run the report.


  1. Results:



  1. But in Service Desk, if I search for all inactive Requests with SLA violations, it returns:




  1. Sample detail:




  1. Looking at the definition of the SLA Event Name and SLA Event Status in the Data Model Editor, I do not see why this would cause the results in Xtraction to be filtered.



is this working as designed or do I need to modify the model?  Any help would be appreciated.