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Can a project lock be overriden via XOG

Question asked by TANESSARICHARDSON82305800 on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by David_Marchal_CoPrime

When performing a XOG update on a project, the XOG fails with the following message if the project is locked for edit by a user:


        <Description>Project Object  failed</Description>
java.lang.Exception: XOG: Cannot lock project for update.
 at com.niku.xog.util.XOGContinueHandler.postProcess(
 at com.niku.xql2.handlers.BaseHandler.postProcess(
 at com.niku.xql2.XQLVisitor.postProcess(
 at com.niku.union.xml.dom.DOMWalker.postProcess(
 at com.niku.union.xml.dom.DOMWalker.traverseIntern(
 at com.niku.union.xml.dom.DOMWalker.traverse(

... ]]></Exception>


Is there a way to override the lock or force my XOG update?