Product Announcement - Legends on Report Apps

Discussion created by grama23 Employee on Sep 19, 2017

Thanks to your feedback, one of our legendary developers (morky01) has added legends to many of the report apps! 



For the following apps, you'll have the option to add a legend when you have these apps to a dashboard or custom page:


  1. Build Health
  2. Build Health by Iteration
  3. Cycle/Lead Time
  4. Defects by Priority
  5. Defects by State
  6. Defect Trend
  7. Iteration Burndown
  8. Iteration Burnup
  9. Iteration Cumulative Flow
  10. Iteration Defects by Priority
  11. Iteration Defects by State
  12. Release Burnup
  13. Release Cumulative Flow
  14. Release Defect Trend
  15. Throughput
  16. Velocity


To enable legends, click on Settings for the app and select "Show Legend".


Show Legends in settings