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Discussion created by AngelicaHerrenoGomez on Sep 20, 2017
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Hello Friends,


I'm trying to fit this example to resolve a requirement of the client, but when I deployed the javacript file, introscope present the following message in the log file:


9/20/17 02:01:25.100 PM COT [ERROR] [Harvest Engine Pooled Worker] [Manager.JavascriptEngine] Exception with script /apm/Introscope10_5_1_8_MOM/./scripts/goodBusinessTransactionsDailyRunningTotal.js: org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: TypeError: Cannot call method "getTime" of undefined (/apm/Introscope10_5_1_8_MOM/./scripts/goodBusinessTransactionsDailyRunningTotal.js#180)


Can anybody give me a hand with this problem?