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Azure dashboards missing in Ca Business Intelligence

Question asked by SelvesteEspen on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by Ryan Dunn

We have installed UIM 8.5.1 sp1, with UMP and CABI 3.0, in our test environment. We have deployed the UIM_CORE_DASHBOARDS_PACK v 2.2 and the UIM_AZURE_DASHBOARDS_PACK v 2.1 to the robot running CABI. 
The problem is that no Azure dashboards are present in the repository. When we browse the folders, \public\ca\uim\dashboards\azure is empty. Azure reports on the other hand, are present and available.


We have tried to re-deploy the azure dashboard pack with no luck.
The Azure probe is up and running and is collecting data.


Does anybody have any ideas what could cause the Azure dashboards to be missing?