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While trying to integrate collector to MOM, MOM experiences 100% CPU

Question asked by rammu08 Employee on Sep 21, 2017
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For one of our customer, we are trying to integrate the collector to MOM and MOM experiences 100% CPU (continuously). This collector has been running for more than 6 months and was not connected to MOM. So, once we try to integrate it to MOM, MOM has to do all these indexing and because of high volume of data e.g. 550MB, it cannot cope and went to up 100% CPU.


Tried to replicate this in UAT. Some facts we know

 1) In UAT, they disconnected the collector from MOM

2) One agent was sending data to collector for 3 days. This generated about 150MB file

3) Collector was then integrated to UAT MOM and then CPU spiked to 42% for a while and then went down.


Later, we did the following steps. 

1) We created more agents in UAT. This is to create more data in short time. Data collection is done with the collector disconnected from MOM

2) Collector network card modified to allow only 10Mbps instead of 100 Mbps (to simulate network latency)

3) Unfortunately, we could not simulate the same issue in UAT again


So, we ran out of reasons on why this is happening in PROD. Have you seen such issue / experienced a similar problem?.