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Question asked by kesv on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by kesv

From this blogpost UIM Dashboard Example - Network Device Summary with Context Selector and Metric Conversion 


The example above uses QoS from the snmpcollector probe.


Instead, I want to take it from the interface_traffic probe. Since the column "qos" in the table only cointains QOS_INTERFACE_TRAFFIC for this probe I have to look in the target column which specifies in or out data.


Below is part of Bryans SQL.

(select a.interface, a.utilization_in, b.utilization_out from
(select as interface, y.samplevalue as utilization_in from s_Qos_data z
join s_qos_snapshot y
on z.table_id = y.table_id
where z.source = '${device}'

and z.qos = 'qos_interface_utilizationin') a

I have tried adding the bold line, but it returns no data.

where z.source = '${device}'

and = 'IN-FC port 0/15'

and z.qos = 'qos_interface_traffic') a

Why is this?


Thank you.