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What is the best practice to manage selenium steps if i need to update locator type and value fields often?

Question asked by ebenezar.janga on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by Cloudqatool

I have many selenium steps in my devtest selenium integrated test cases.

The application that i am testing will be upgraded atleast once every 6 months, when the upgrade happens, their html elements such as id, name, etc are prone to be changed or updated.

So i am trying to know if there is a best way to manage your test case steps so that i will not have to go individually into each step and change the id or name.


The idea that i have in my mind is to create properties for type and value in a selenium step for instance a type can be "xpath" and value could be "an xpath for the element" in the project config, in that way i will have to edit, just the property file once with new id's or names for those elements.

But then the project config file will have lot of properties and little complicated to look.


Are there any ways to help this scenario, what are some of the best practices if you can suggest.



Thank you.