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Why is SYSIDMS override ignored ?

Question asked by tsimper on Sep 21, 2017
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Hello all,

I'm trying to override the Journal  DMCL date/time via JRNLDTS in DD SYSIDMS in my CV startup proc, and the override is reflected back in WTO, but I still get a mismatch :


IDMS DC016109 XTIOT disabled for dynamic allocation
SYSIDMS parms --> JRNLDTS=2017-09-21-
IDMS DC391511 V3190 Lock Manager for Warmstart initialization Complete
IDMS DC202001 V3190 Starting WARMSTART
IDMS DC202027 V3190 Name/Date from DMCL on Journals different from Run Time DMC
IDMS DC202028 V3190 Run Time DMCL Name: GLBLDMCL , Compile Date/Time: 2017-09-21-
IDMS DC202029 V3190     Journal DMCL Name: GLBLDMCL , Compile Date/Time: 2017-02-10-
IDMS DC391008 V3190 WARMSTART Failure - IOSTATUS=3027


(sorry for the truncation but I think its visible there).


I'm happy to force the later DMCL in there, this is a Test v19 SP0 IDMS which I am playing with, so the data in the journals is not required for my CDC extraction yet.


I couldn't find anything on a search - does anyone have any ideas on why my override isn't used ? I still have the previous DMCL saved but I would like to use the new one I generated (new schema added).


(Apologies in advance, I am a relative newbie to IDMS so it's possible that my use of phrases and general understanding of the concepts is less than perfect !!)


Thanks, Tony