Type Sequencing by Proc Group?

Discussion created by Karen_Turner on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2017 by Karen_Turner

Does anyone besides me have a need for Global Type Sequencing down to the processor group level?  Our IMS applications have type COBOL divided into DRV (Drivers), SUB (subprograms), IMSO (ims online) and IMSB (ims batch) processor groups.   I'm told IMS programs are happiest when the subprograms are statically linked, therefore they maintain a list outside endevor listing their relationship which subprograms are called by which drivers and build their pkg scl accordingly so everyone is compiled in the correct order (and obviously why they cant use AUTOGEN). If processor groups were included in they type sequence table it would eliminate a lot of manual effort on the developers part, and perhaps allow them to utilize autogen.  Side note, the driver and subprograms don't necessarily live in the same system/subsystem.