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stdlog error message - failed condition macro

Question asked by TheKatherine on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by Jon_Israel

Currently in my stdlog file I am seeing the following message repeatedly:


09/20 15:19:54.07 sdbs1          spelsrvr             2456 SIGNIFICANT  cr.spl                 438 Transition from 'Resolved / Fulfilled' to 'Closed' failed condition macro macro:500163 - WARNING


Here are the current settings for the above mentioned macro (500163):


name = Sheetz User AT is SD or user=customer

ob_type = cr

type = cond_site

If all conditions succeed, return TRUE

description = Return true if the access type of the user performing action is Service Desk or the user is same as customer. Created to allow only SD or the user to close ticket.



In my research I found the above macro code is being used/referenced for Incident Transition ... from status Resolved/Fulfilled to Closed status.


My question or concern is how do I find out why this is continually failing and/or who is trying to close the Incident ticket? Would like to know so if this is a training issue (letting certain people know they are not to close tickets but only resolve them) I can address it. Not sure if this is a big deal as the log message is showing it as a Warning?