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Data masking with reference to another column value

Question asked by Siva_kumar on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by Anil Kumar Appukuttan

1. Need guidance for our scenario. I have a table(SUBSCRIPTION) with 5 columns

(CID, SID, ELEMENT_NAME, VALUE, SDATE) with values below

1001   12341   NAME                JOHN ABRAHAM                                          10.22.2015     

1001   12342   ADDRESS         GRAHAM BLVD 240 CHICAGO, 10111         10.22.2015   

1001   12343   SSN                   123 53 5252                                                   10.22.2015

1001   12344   CONTACT         425 432 7643                                                  10.22.2015


I understand that i could apply only one masking rule to a column name and i cannot apply it dynamically. However my scenario here is to mask the VALUE column data based on ELEMENT_NAME column data.  Eg. For the customer 1001 i have to apply name haslov masking rule if I see NAME in previous column and USaddress haslov masking rule if i see ADDRESS in previous column data similarly apply USSSN masking rule if I see SSN text in previous column.


Is there a way I can dynamically apply masking rules to one column referring to a value present in anther column.


2. I have another scenario to mask pii element present inside comment column data. eg. For SUBSCRIPTION table has column names CID, SID, REMARKS, DATE with values below

1001 321412   'called customer John Abraham with his contact 4254327643. he replied to send post to his address at Graham blvd 240 chicago,10111' 09.15.2017

1001   322411   'called again and verified his ssn 123 53 5252 but it is incorrect, updated his social as 425 524 2223' 09.16.2017

1001   334124   'send post to his residence address Graham blvd 240 chicago, 1011 and sent text message' 09.19.2017