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Work Load Automation AE

Question asked by loki.reddy on Sep 22, 2017
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Work Load Automation AE (11.3.6 SP5) 

we are in the process of installing Work load control center and AE (Scheduler and Application server)


My query is as follows:

while installing WCC it prompts for the reporting database and WCC database.

so, reporting database is an internal database which can stores the data of WCC like views etc.


External database

We have external database (SQL) already, if I am not wrong this will the same for WCC database and also scheduler or application server  intracts.


My question is:

What is the user name that we can create for accessing SQL database from WCC ( can it be “sa” (root)) so it has all the access on the database?

This user which created for WCC is also the same when installing (scheduler and app server) when it prompts for DB Admin information, right?


What are the other 2 users (autosys, aedbadmin) created during installation of AE, how it different from “sa” (which has all the access on the database)?


Can someone help me on this. Thanks.