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Conn thru TN5250SSL don't work

Question asked by Wael AbdelWahab Champion on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by manan23


we are trying to make connection via CA PAM 2.8.3 to AS400 box , that use SSL

i make the access method through TN5250SSL on default port 992 (and test the connectivity and the port is open.

but each time i try to make the connection the terminal appear blank , and in the log the connection closed after 1s or 2s maximum.!

xsuite[22260]: Connection closed; Duration: 1s;

we used the TN5250 terminal on other box and it work fine, but this box only support SSL conection

i tried the application to be generic or AS400 , but nothing happened?


do i miss something to be done specially ??