Comment for IBM Rational Developer on CA TEC492091 when defining the RDZ JES JOB MONITOR started task:

Discussion created by Michael.Simpson.P on Sep 25, 2017
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We read through the RACF to Top Secret command conversion and defined RDZ to our site specific parameters but our users were unable to access the RDZ JES Job Monitor and the TSSUTIL reports showed that the users receiving a violation on the started task JMON (our site name for it) with program BPXPTATT.  IBM was onsite assisting our System Programmer and they found from the IBM knowledge Base that we needed to define a FACILITY for JMON to our system and add the facility to the users.  We defined the facility to our security file dynamically called JMON, using prgm=BPXPTATT, then we defined JMON as the MASTFAC (also added the facility JMON)  and  added the facility to the ALL record.  Also refreshed the started task JMON and users were then able to access the GUI interface for JMON.


Would like to see this added to the TEC document.