ech Tip: CA IDMS Print Space Utility, Total Space Available Report

Discussion created by baije01 Employee on Sep 26, 2017


The PRINT SPACE utility report shows an area with Total Space Available of 0% but also 30% Total Space Unusable and Total Unreserved Space Available.

What does this mean?



The Total Space Available is taking into account pages that are logically full. if you run the PRINT SPACE report with the FULL option it will list the number of pages that are logically full.

Total Unreserved Space Available is the space not used by records but does not take into account logically full pages.

Total Space Unusable is the amount of space that is unavailable because of logically full pages.

For a standard radix dbkey, you can fit 255 records on a page. This is the maximum limit for a standard dbkey. The dbkey radix represents the number of bits within a dbkey value that are reserved for the line number of a record. By default, this value is 8, meaning that up to 255 records can be stored on a single page of the area.

Though there may be space on each page, we don't have any more line indexes available on the pages, we've used all 255. If we can't get a line index, due to the pages being logically full, you will receive a 1211.

For example, if a record size is 80 bytes, storing 255 records on a page would result in the usage of 20400 bytes.

If the page size is 28000, there will be 7600 bytes not usable on each page of the area.

In this situation, you should Unload/Reload the area, specifying a smaller page size and larger page range to better fit all the records.

Additional Information:

Area Space Management - CA IDMS - 19.0 - CA Technologies Documentation