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Advanced Reporting: How to show total resource demand regardless of employment type

Question asked by schaak01 on Sep 26, 2017



I would like to show the total resource demand regardless of employment type against the capacity of employees only. Essentially, I would like to show that the demand exceeds the amount of employees we have, thus requiring us to hire contractors. 


Example: A department has the capacity of 30 Employees and 15 Contractors with a total demand of 45 FTEs. I need a report to show the total demand of 45 FTEs with the capacity of the 30 Employees.  (I have attached a Word document with screenshots of what I am describing).


The Capacity vs Allocation by OBS report allows me to run only employees, only contractors, or both, however, when I select only employees, the report shows the demand of employees only rather than total demand. 


Is there any way to show this either in an OOTB report or by creating a custom report? Or does one of the OOTB portlets show this?