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QoS SNMP Collector

Question asked by Richard_Briceno on Sep 26, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2017 by yasal01

Hi team,


Currently a template is applied to the telecommunications equipment (Router, Switches). Computers such as storage, appliance will be enabled QoS manually to each. But in the SLM portlet of the UMP, the QoS that are activated to the equipment storage and appliance are not appearing, only the QoS associated to the network equipment appear.


What could be happening?


Tha version of probes are:


- 8.51 - UIM Server
- 8.51 - discovery_agent
- 1.72 - topology_agent
- 1.72 - Relationship services
- 1.67 f- ault_correlation engine
- (No instalado) topology_fault correlation
- 8.51 - discovery_server
- 3.33 - net_connect
- (No instalado) Relationship Viewer



Richard B.