Product Announcement - 'Ad-hoc' Project Navigation and Hierarchy in Personalized Navigation

Discussion created by shafa10 Employee on Sep 26, 2017
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Hello Everyone,
We are excited to announce that we have released some improvements to the Personalized Navigation based upon user feedback.  Users can now 'ad hoc' navigate across projects without pinning them.  This new functionality will give the user the ability to quickly navigate to any project at any time and also improves the visualization of the project hierarchy.  
Users will find an "All Projects" tab at the top of the Project dropdown which will have a view of all the teams and their hierarchies. Users can also pin and manage projects (depending on User’s permissions) from this view. 
If you are not using Personalized Navigation yet, you can turn it on in the "New Features..." menu option under your user profile icon in the top right.
As always, we welcome feedback on the changes and will do our best to resolve any concerns that you have.  Please submit your feedback in the same "New Features..." option I mentioned above.
Thank you,
Farnaz Sharifian
Product Owner