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How to capture response parameters through LISA INVOKE?

Question asked by Akshatha_S on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by MarcyNunns

Through LISA INVOKE I'm externally calling the test case...Is there any way where we can capture the output of that test case in the console?


Right now the console output shows below details



<method name="RunTest">


<param name="testCasePath" value="D:/***/Tests/XXXX.tst"/>

<param name="configPath" value=""/>

<param name="callbackKey" value="C064427FA37011E7888400155D247E9B"/>

<param name="coordName" value="Coordinator"/>

<param name="stagingDocPath" value="D:/***/Tests/StagingDocs/Run1User1Cycle.stg"/>






<pass count="1"/>

<fail count="0"/>

<abort count="0"/>

<warning count="0"/>

<error count="0"/>





LISA INVOKE URL:***/Tests/XXXX.tst&stagingDocPath=D… 



I need the executed result in the console,for ex:co-relation id in the response should be displayed.


Please suggest me if there is any solution.


Thanks and Regards