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Based on incoming value/format how to select different responses from VSI?

Question asked by Maddy007 on Sep 27, 2017
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I have deployed a JMS based Virtual service and incoming message is delimited text. Have applied Delimited and Scriptable DPH to parse the incoming request.


The Source system generates two messages which is almost identical, the only difference is at val5 


a) The create call has value in the format - AAA PARFLT 111-111111-M ABC

b) Update Call has the value in format- AAA PARFLT 111-111111-111111 ABC


Both these calls are under the same operation- Request 1.


The challenge is for Add request have to extract only "111-111111-M" and for update "111-111111-111111" from the incoming request and insert it in the response.


I have created 2 transactions and set the Match Style as "Exact" and Comparision as "Anything".


How do I configure my VS to respond with different responses based on Add or Update incoming request?