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How to Query activity log when action description <> description

Question asked by Brett_Zipkin on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by Jon_Israel

As a general rule, whenever an activity log is added to a ticket, if there was no user provided description, the action_desc field has the same content as the description field.  However, in tickets with lots of transfers, field updates or workflow manipulation the activity log is filled with rarely important info.


I'd like to be able to filter out all the system generated stuff to only see the comments that were added by a human, regardless of what activity type it is.   In simplest terms I want to add a filter that says   action_desc != description  but that fails to work.  So does using <>.   For that matter, so does using =.


If I compare either of those fields to a string, it works fine if I use like or not like.  Using = I get a SQL error that ntext and varchar fields can't use =.


I'd be ok with action_description not like description except that doesn't work either.  Just get syntax error.



Part 1) How would do it in addition search arguments

Part 2) More importantly, I'd rather have a check mark in the filter that says something like 'Comments Only' that would perform the same filter criteria on Search.