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CA AXA: Unable to Login using Masteradmin

Question asked by Balram90 on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by DavidLewis

Hi Team,


I installed CA AXA 17.2.1 using CA AXA & Log Analytics on a single node ("All-in-One Install") mode. During installation, I provided the password for masteradmin user as well. I used the database as PostgreSQL installed during the installation. In the end of the installation, some errors starting appearing as shown below:


Error 1:

Error 2:

Error 3:


After installation, status of axa components is as follows:


For the error related to bootstrapping the database, I found the following tech doc article as well:

Seeing error "Unable to start User Data Service. Ensure that the bootstrap is complete before starting User Data Service… 


But the command mentioned in this tech doc is for Oracle and SQL server only. To use it for Postgresql, I modified the command accordingly and after running the command (after stopping all axa components), it is still giving the error in running the command that system is not initialized properly: master password not set.


I am able to launch CA MCC at http://hostname:9080/admin/masteradmin/, but I am unable to login with either master1234! and also with my password provided during installation.


Kindly provide support in this.


Thanks & Regards,