CA PPM PMO Status Values: On Track, Needs Help, At Risk

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Here is something a user upgrading from 13.x, 14.2, or 14.3 might perceive as new in CA PPM 15.3 SaaS or on-premise; however it's actually from a subtle change introduced in 14.4.


To help you align with the enhanced productivity introduced in the CA PPM 15.x New User Experience, we updated the 14.4 PMO Accelerator. Starting with Release 14.4 and higher, the following changes appear in certain report status lookup values, portlets, and reports:

  • Green: On Track (no change)
  • Orange/Yellow: Needs Help (the former default value was Minor Variance)
  • Red: At Risk (the former default value was Significant Variance)


Here is a convenient visual aid:


PMO Status Values

Portions of the documentation may refer to the previous values, even in 15.x releases. This is intentional. The explanations are still valid for new and existing users. Existing users can verify how the subtle changes appear after an upgrade. New users can understand how the values relate to the magnitude of the variance (minor or significant).


Also note that, due to product support for configuration and personalization, your values and display mappings may vary from the defaults. These values appear throughout the classic user interface (for example, status portlets) and the new CA PPM 15.x enterprise business platform (for example, project tiles and status reports).