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Points to be considered when we change the DataBase for TDM.

Question asked by Rajasekhare on Sep 28, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2017 by Rajasekhare

Hi Team,


We are using the TDM with SQL Server Database. TDM tool is installed in one server and Database is installed in different server.
Now due to some issue, we are getting new DATABASE server with Pre-installed SQL Server.

For this, I have to move old databases to new server and TDM point to new Database server.


Points I am considering for this:


1. Take all databases backup from old Server including gtrep.
2. Restore all the databases to new server
3. If i restore gtrep, No need to create new repository in new server. Please Correct me if i am wrong.
4. Take backup of all users and create in new Database.
5. If SQL Server is not installed in Mixed Authentication mode, if I create "sa" account explicitly from SQL Server, will it be fine. Please suggest on this.

Please help me if i have missed out anything here.