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Java SDK certificate format

Question asked by erinpac1983 on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by erinpac1983

In a custom authentication scheme that implements an x509 scheme with the java sdk, what format is the certificate returned in from theUserCredentialsContext.getCertAsBinary()?

I've tried converting this to a certificate a few ways, only to end up with 0 length or what seems valid but results in a Could not parse certificate: Empty input


Everything works if I pass the functions certs, but when getting a cert through Single Sign On, it fails.  I don't see any other function that looks like it returns the cert in any form, so it seems like that must be the right call to get it...


It's possible that I'm not understanding the references to requiring SMAUTH_CRED_SSL_REQUIRED when you pass SMAUTH_CRED_X509CERT at the beginning of the scheme, but it looks like it's getting some sort of cert and failing to parse it.


I can't find any examples working with certs through this at all.