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Move Service Catalog from one AD-domain to another

Question asked by hikonen on Sep 28, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by hikonen

Hi all, would really appreciate som ideas and thoughts on this:


We have Service Catalog, USS, SDM, ITAM, PAM and EEM in one and the same Active Directory domain. We are now considering moving Service Catalog, USS and PAM to a new AD domain. All applications are v14.1, PAM is v.4.3.1 and EEM is 12.51. 


Does anyone have experience of this kind of operation? What practical challenges can we expect to encounter?

Can we move the servers to the new domain and reconfigure the CA applications and then make sure all applications use the correct FQDN for each other? If so, do we use the Common Installer or some other method to do the reconfiguration?

Or do we need to reinstall the CA applications after moving the servers to the new domain?

Or do we need to do a fresh install of the CA applications (SC, USS, PAM) on new servers in the new domain?

The possibilities are endless... :-)


We already have a document that details which firewall ports that need to be open between the various CA components, so that is reasonably under control. 


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Heikki Ikonen