Tech Tip: Load Data Warehouse fails with error "Financial plans has invalid start or end periods."

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Hello everyone,


Here is another issue I recently hit with a customer and would like to share the solution with all of you.





When running Load Data Warehouse job, an error is thrown:

Financial plans has invalid start or end periods.



Orphans Cost plans exist with no fiscal periods on them.

As a fix for CLRT-78721, a Data Integrity Check for FIN_PLANS START_PERIOD_ID and END_PERIOD_ID was added in Data Warehouse.

Seeing that error message means that you failed the check and orphans exist.




  1. Retrieve all the cost plans with query:


select, as cost_plan, f.code, f.object_code, f.plan_type_code, f.start_period_id, f.end_period_id,i.code project_code, i.is_active, Project_name

from fin_plans f, inv_investments i where =f.object_id and  (f.start_period_id NOT IN (select id from biz_com_periods) or end_period_id NOT IN (select id from biz_com_periods))

order by Project_name


Save the results in an Excel sheet with headers.

  1. Take a backup of FIN_PLANS table.


  1. Run the query to update the cost plans to a valid period. You may use this query which will set them to the earliest existing fiscal period:

update fin_plans

set start_period_id = (select min(id) from biz_com_periods), end_period_id =(select min(id) from biz_com_periods)

where start_period_id NOT IN (select id from biz_com_periods)

or end_period_id NOT IN (select id from biz_com_periods)


  1. Run the Load Data Warehouse job - Full

It should complete successfully. 

  1. Get back to the projects containing those cost plans as per the results in step 1 - correct or delete the plans as appropriate. You can also leave them as they are if projects/costs no longer in use.



Hope this helps -Nika