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Integrate CA API Gateway with external LDAP Server

Question asked by vidhi.2112 on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by Koichi_Ikarashi

Hi All,


Problem Statement : want to authenticate user with LDAP server which is placed let's say locally.


Steps followed : I've set up ldap server locally. And checked the connectivity of ldap using java application & ldap browser.


Issue : I tried to integrate with ca api gateway using "Create Simple LDAP Service Provider Wizard"

Entered ldap URL :

  • ldap://localhost:10389
  • UserName : uid=admin,ou=system
  • Password : secret

But when I "Test" for connection, its showing "test credentials are not valid"

With above login credentials , I am able to connect using java application and ldap browser. But same credentials are not working in ca api gateway.


Please have a look and provide your inputs how I can proceed with ldap set up in ca api gateway.


Your quick response will be highly appreciated.