TIRTRCE abend S0Cx after COBOL 6.1 upgrade

Discussion created by Douglas.Seaver on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2017 by Douglas.Seaver

Our z/OS  provider upgraded to COBOL 6.1 compiler from COBOL 4.2 on 9/17/2017.
Now, when we recompile any action block with DEBUG TRACE turned on, if that action block is called by a COBOL external program (non-CA Gen), it abends with a S0Cx abend (S0C4, S0C6). This is regardless of whether we have turned on tracing with DTF or not. Just having DEBUG generated in the code is causing the abend from an external program.
This functionality previously worked with COBOL 4.2; i.e., we could compile with DEBUG TRACE and call the program with a non-CA Gen COBOL program. It would not abend with COBOL 4.2, and we could use DTF to enable tracing, and the trace facility worked as well.

Any ideas for getting this to work in our new COBOL environment are most appreciated.