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Java Agent - setting agentManager.url.1 on JVM

Question asked by bwcole on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by SergioMorales

We are installing 10.5.2 and we had version 10.0.  In 10.0 we had to have an agent configuration for each of our environments, which made things a bit harder to manage.


One of the big differences is that the agentManager.url.1 was one of there MOMs.  


Is there a way to set the agentManager.url.1 on the JVM arguments:


         -d agentManager.url.1=<momhostname>:5001


And comment out the agentManager.url.1=localhost:5001 in the profile?


That way we could have a single agent configuration for all of our application servers and not a custom one per Production/qa/stress/test/dev.


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