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Listing passwords that haven't been verified. How? XSIE?

Question asked by Jeff_A on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by voged01

Is there a user guide for the pre-sales tool XSIE? The help doesn't have very many examples.  For instance, one of the examples will output all synchronized accounts with unverified passwords:

xsie-2.7-1.exe --export --output=list --filter sync=true --filter verify=false

I need to export all passwords that are not verified. If I truncate the command to 'xsie-2.7-1.exe --export --output=list --filter verify=false' I get the same output as above.

CAPAM rotated passwords, but for a small portion it didn't verify them. Not sure if this is a bug because I can verify them manually.

I need to list all non-verified passwords and via XSIE verify them (if possible).