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Monitor Oracle Tuxedo with CA Products

Question asked by SusSatriyoAdiSuryo4211615 on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by JGentilhomme-Neurones

Hi All,


I have an opportunity and challenge. My customer had middleware Oracle Tuxedo. They wanted to monitor their Oracle Tuxedo. This request was coming from IT operation team. Their perspective is on Infrastructure layer and they don't need a deep-dive monitoring such APM does.

If I go with CA UIM, CA UIM does not have any built-in probe for Oracle Tuxedo. But I was thinking, SNMP can be the solution.

I don't have any knowledge on Oracle Tuxedo. My understanding Oracle provides SNMP can be monitored but I do not have any idea what kind SNMP can be provided by Oracle Tuxedo system. If I go with CA UIM, how CA UIM monitors this system?

If you guys had any experiences similar with this case, please to be shared.


Thank you


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