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Does CA Agile Central Support Anything Like Stored Procs?

Question asked by miguelfuerte on Oct 2, 2017
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Wincing, I do not expect it to, but I have to use function filters to achieve my goals and I fear the performance will be abysmal.  


My client has something like 15 years of data in their Rally/CA Agile Central account.  If we have to retrieve the whole data store and defer to the client side browser to cull out things that pass the litmus test of its filter function, it will be a total meltdown.  Perhaps, all filters run on "the back end," but I fear they are all on the client side.


Can you advise me on this concern?



PS - I recognize that project scoping and possibly some simple filtering can reduce the set of results that would be further filtered by the function.  It won't really download 15 years of everything that's happened over the entire company.  I was just referring to the fact that the legacy data volume is large.