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Rate Limits Hit Too Early?

Question asked by acalbazana on Oct 3, 2017
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I'm trying to understand why rate limits are being hit so early.  I have a policy where I have rate limits set on an API Plan.  The rate limit should kick in at about 200 req/sec.  I notice that the threshold hits far sooner than that.  Can someone help me understand how this is supposed to work?


Here is my assertion:



I expect failures at around 200 req/sec for a given API Key + API Plan combination.  I see failures at 15 - 20 requests/second.


Here is my response from the gateway:


API plan limit exceeded

Reason: Not Setl <api-key> | <api-plan> |quota?ok|rate?failed|


Where <api-key> and <api-plan> line up with the client and plan IDs that I expect to be involved.


I'm using Jmeter to drive traffic to the gateway.  The thread group uses 30 threads and only loops once.  I bail the test after the first failure.  The failures start at about 15-20 requests/second.  


Any help is appreciated!