Has anyone consistently used work views instead of entity views?

Discussion created by Britt-Marie on Oct 3, 2017

We are discussing the use of work views instead of entity views. I.e. the only AB that has any entity views is the AB that actually does the database access. The entity views are only in the Entity Action view set. This means that all import/export/local views contain work views and only work views are passed from AB to AB.


Has anyone done this? What about impact analysis? Do people start adding more workset attributes for the same database attribute? Do you end up with multiple definitions of the same thing?


What are the real benefits of using work views instead of entity views? If you have to change a db attribute you would have to also change the work set equivalent, would you not? At least when generating Cobol.


We are using spec types in import/export views of ABs that are shared between different business areas (Gen models).


Any thoughts?